The DHTHC Auxiliary is a fundraising and social organization.   Our goal is to enhance the life of the residents at the Twomey Centre in Botwood.

- We hold birthday, Christmas, Father's Day and Mother's Day parties for residents.

- We maintain the Palliative Care Room and the Acute Care Room at the Centre.

- We operate the hospital gift shop, with proceeds going back to helping the residents.

- We buy various items for the three long term care wings at the Centre.

​- We hold the "We Share the Care Tree" fundraiser each Christmas.

We are a social club too!   We have a cup of tea and a lunch after each monthly meeting, and we have Valentines, Easter, and Christmas parties!

For more information, or to apply for membership, please call Christina Luscombe at 257-2401.

Dr. Hugh Twomey Health Care Auxiliary