Botwood Collegiate

​Vouloir C’est Pouvoir

Botwood Collegiate, or as it is more affectionately known, Beautiful Botwood Collegiate (BBC), is operated by the NL

English School District as a grade 7 – 12 school that serves the communities of Peterview, Northern Arm, Phillip’s Head,

Point of Bay and Botwood.  In September 2016 there were 304 students registered including 2 International students

from Brazil. 
To support the delivery of curriculum the school has two computer labs, a gymnasium (with Fitness Centre), a

music room,

two science labs, a cafeteria, a Design and Fabrication Lab, a Fine Arts production area - The River Room and a

Learning Resource Centre.  
Our school community celebrates and is committed to improving student achievement in all areas.  BBC distributes in

excess of $13,000.00 in local scholarships to students at the annual Awards & Scholarships program thanks to

corporate, community organizations and individual contributions from the Exploits region.

We celebrate the diverse achievement of students, the dedication of school staff in providing quality learning opportunities and extra-curricular enrichment with in excess of 30 after-school activities occurring through-out the school year.  Most recently we celebrate the formation of a school-wide Student Mental Health Team, the continued growth of athletics and the many partnerships that enhance the delivery of education and services to students.

 Botwood Collegiate is proud of the many accomplishments of the school community but none more than the annual Graduating Class moment, ‘The Throwing of the Caps’.