Each summer, there are also many different camps that our cadets can attend.  The first one is a 2 week camp which details everything we teach cadets.  Following that, there are 3 and 6 week camps where our cadets can specialize further in areas they are interested like music, sailing, drill, fitness, and many more.  Our older cadets can also apply to be staff cadets so that they can teach, supervise, and lead younger cadets while they are at camp.  Going to one of these camps is an excellent way to meet new people as well from many different places!  

We also take part in many parades with the Royal Canadian Legion and town members.  Cadets are also asked to help with various caterings for many different events and they have helped with the school breakfast program at Memorial Academy.  Our cadets also take part in school assemblies for Remembrance Day.

The very best thing about joining cadets, aside from all the things a young person can learn and do of course......IS THAT THERE IS NO COST!!!   

For more information, or to get involved, contact Commanding Officer SLt Jennifer Mills at 257-2232, or drop by one of our regular meetings, held each 7 p.m. each Thursday at Memorial Academy.

RCSCC 21 Preserver

For several decades, RCSCC 21 Preserver has been a part of the community

in Botwood, providing youth with social and learning opportunities

they are not likely to find anywhere else.  Originally just for boys, Sea Cadets

is now open to all youth, ages 12- 18. 

Our corps currently has over 40 members including cadets, officers and civilian instructors.  Our members come from Botwood, Peterview, Northern Arm and many other surrounding communities.

Once your application to RCSCC 21 Preserver is accepted, you will be given a uniform to wear at regular meetings, and on parades.  At the weekly regular meetings,  we teach sailing, marksmanship, rope work, knot tying, nautical history, drill, leadership, team building, physical fitness, and many other things.  We also have a band where cadets can learn a number of different instruments.

Also, we have marksmanship days where cadets get the opportunity to properly use an air rifle. We have sailing weekends twice a year in Deer Lake where our cadets get to rig/derig, and sail small sailboats in groups under supervision.